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I have always been a planner-loving girl, but earlier this year, I started keeping a bullet journal. It is the most helpful thing! I love that it is an all-in-one solution for both sides of my brain: it is my daily to-do list, my journal, my sketch book. Even more, it’s a place to keep myself accountable for working towards my goals and dreams. If you haven’t heard of a bullet journal, the basics are explained in this video.


One of the best extras I’ve incorporated into my bullet journal is a habit tracker. (I pored over layouts to use on Pinterest and settled on Kara’s design from Boho Berry. She has the most amazing, beautiful handwriting and spreads! So inspiring!) Basically, each day, I color in a little square to mark when I have completed a corresponding task. Here is my April habit tracker:

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I’m really good at drinking water! 😉 The tracker gives me a needed visual representation of whether what I’m actually doing each day is in line with my priorities. I’m attempting to cultivate habits that are consistent with my values in personal, spiritual, professional, and relational areas. Seeing the progress I’m making toward my goals in such a concrete way provides accountability. Personal confession: very much like crossing things off a to-do list, it is very, very, VERY satisfying to see lots of little rainbow boxes filled in! (Yep, I’m one of those.)


One thing that really surprised me is how different my perceptions can be from reality. For instance, I imagine that I read to my kids ALLLL the time. I love to read, and passing that love on to my kids is a top priority. But? When I reviewed my habit tracker, I was SHOCKED to see how little I personally am really reading to them! So one of my goals for May was to step it up in that area. (For tracking purposes, I don’t count bedtime stories, when they read or look at books independently, or when others read to them. Cail does read a substantial amount to the three bigger boys every night while I’m putting the littlest one to bed.)


Do you like analog planners and journals? How do you keep yourself accountable for building healthy habits and working toward your dreams?

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